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Original title: 浮果 | Fu Guo

International title: Floating Melon

Directors: Roberto F. Canuto & Xu Xiaoxi

Producer: Leng Zhiwen

Film score: Andrea Centazzo

Cast: Vincent Chen Xi, Celia Yu Yinmeng, Wen Sirui, Xu Xu, Ariel Pei Zimu, Li Wen, Maggie Xue Zhu

Floating Melon 1


For the young Xiao Cheng (Vincent Chen Xi), what suppose to be a perfect night become a nightmare. His lover, Kwan Ming (Xu Xu) die after a lethal drug reaction. In the dark roads of Chengdu, Xiao Cheng, scared of the consequences, send a message asking for help to his friend Fiona (Wen Sirui).

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