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Original title: Círculos sobre agua bajo nubes de algodón

International title: Water Circles Under Cotton Clouds

Directors: Roberto F. Canuto & Xu Xiaoxi

Producer: Hernán F. Joglar

Film score: Andrea Centazzo

Cast: Pelayo Carrizo, Senén Valera, Alejandro Barrena, Úrsula Villalta, David Soto Giganto, Lucía Llamedo, Óscar Torrecillas, Sam McNamara Ferreiro, Abdou Karim Thiam, Mia Onungue, Eduardo Cabrera


2023 (Premiere feb 02, 2023)

23' 52"

Fiction, drama, LGTBIQ+, Human rights


Water Circle Under Cotton Clouds Poster (dir. Roberto F. Canuto & Xu Xiaoxi).jpg

English, French, Italian, Chinese, Spanish

DCP, DCI 4K (full frame), Digital HD, 1.90∶1



In a dystopian future, influenced by pandemics and reactionary governments, various young people flee after looting a batch of vaccines. While some seek to sell them on the black market, others plot their distribution among the marginalized population.

Tensions and discrimination based on sexual or ethnic condition soon arise, reminiscent of times gone by.

Awards, Special Mentions & Nominations

Best Short Film Oriéntate - II Oriéntate Llanes Film Festival (Spain, 2023)

Best Film Poster - II Monza Film Festival, Bimonthly Awards (Italy, 2023)

Selections at Film Festivals

Oriéntate Section - II Oriéntate Llanes Film Festival (Spain, February 2023)

Oficial Selection - 9th FELACOS, Santiago Long and Short Film Festival (Chile, March 2023)

Oficial Selection - 7th Pride Queer Film Festival Perth (Australia, March 2023)

Oficial Selection - 14th LGBT Film Festival of Poland (Poland, March 2023)

Oficial Selection - VIII Film Festival LGTBI Centro Niemeyer (Spain, April 2023)

Oficial Selection - XVIII Zinentiendo, Muestra Internacional de Cine LGTBQI (Spain, May 2023)


Oficial Selection - 27th Festival Mix Mexico, Film and Sexual Diversity (Mexico, June 2023)


Sección oficial - 14th KASHISH Mumbai International Queer Film Festival(India, June 2023)

Oficial Selection - IV L&HIFF Love & Hope Barcelona International Film Festival (Spain, Sep. 2023)


Sección oficial - 3th Thessaloniki Free Short Film Festival (Grecia, Sep. 2023)

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